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The History of Xenia and The Millpond


The Millpond has a history of creating memories. Vincent and Gerry Morreale bought the property in 1960 with the intention of having a permanent home upon retirement from the U.S. Air Force. For several years they rented the main house during the summer while Vin commuted back for the weekends. Vin and Gerry created a “bunk house” out of the old sawmill by the stream and turned the milk house behind the main house into a kitchen and sleeping space for Gerry’s mother. Oh yes, it was the days of outhouses and bathing in the stream for the family and a fire in the potbellied stove on cold nights.

They also rented the small cabin across the bridge to families and eventually Vin built a larger cabin beyond that and renovated the sawmill into a duplex. This was when the family moved into the main house. Throughout the summer there would be three or four families playing and enjoying the space. There were times too when the nuns would bring orphans from Albany for a week in the country. The place was filled with the laughter of children, row boat races, and jumping from the float as well as the smells of wood fires and grilling. Many children have played here with the freedom to dream of what might be, lie on the grass to discover the shapes in the clouds, and explore what the world has to offer. The joy of these children still exists here.

Later we would see members of the Philadelphia Philharmonic come for a month. The sounds of flute music drifting through the trees or the sound of a violin played from the float in the middle of the lake was truly awe inspiring. They came and experienced the peace of being surrounded by the wind through the trees, sunlight sifting through the leaves of the trees, and clouds drifting across the sky.

Mary Ann purchased the property from her mother in 2004 and so began a new chapter for the Millpond. The dream began with renovating the milk house into an office space. Over the next few years, work occurred on the infrastructure of the main house and eventually led to the addition of a new large porch and renovations to the inside of the house. In 2008, Mary Ann completed the Georgetown University Program in Leadership Coaching and from this experience emerged the dream of offering a place for those seeking a space apart from their leadership responsibilities to pause and look at what is and what could be.


Xenia thus came into being at The Millpond


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The Millpond

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