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Mary Ann Morreale founded Xenia to support women who are ready to explore their own power in their lives. Mary Ann works personally with each woman who seeks coaching, comes to a Xenia retreat or a workshop to cultivate, nurture, or expand her personal or professional life.

Xenia coaching is offered by teleconference, a mutually agreed location, or at Xenia located at the Millpond in the Adirondack. This experience is a confidential dynamic dialogue between you and Mary Ann that supports your desire to explore and make changes in your life.

Xenia retreats are also offered at the Millpond. You can come to a scheduled retreat or if you have a small group (6 to 8 women) who would like to experience a retreat together, a Xenia Retreat can come to you. Xenia retreats are an introspective experience that is blended with learning skills that support reducing stress, enhancing focus, and interactive sharing with other women in the group that broadens or deepens your own experience.

Xenia Workshops are designed for somewhat larger groups and will be offered at places other than the Millpond. Come to a scheduled workshop or if you have a group of approximately 18 to 30 women who would like to come together for a power workshop, Xenia Workshops can also come to you or your organization. Xenia workshops are a combination of learning skills, exploring the use of personal or professional tools, deciding what your next step is, and determining how to take the next step.  

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