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Coaching vs. Therapy


While there are similarities between coaching and therapy, there are significant differences as well. Coaching and therapy are both based on an ongoing, one-on-one relationship. Clients come to both coaches and therapists wanting change that will occur over time. In both relationships, regular conversational sessions occur during which the client explores the desired change and decides on a course of action. There is also an element of confidentiality in both, although under the law, the coaching confidentiality is more a privacy issue versus medical-legal confidentiality.

The major differences deal with context, condition, and content. Coaching begins with the belief you, the client, is whole while therapy begins with a need for healing. Coaches will refer a client with psychological issues while therapists will treat them. Coaching focuses on your choices and action aimed toward an expressed future state. Your work together may occur in the identification, prioritization, and implementation of actions at specific choice points in a client’s life. The coach’s role is to speak the truth, hold your agenda when you stray away from it, hold you accountable for taking actions you choose, and keep the focus on moving forward toward your goal.

In Co-Active Coaching Whitworth et al state, “The coach’s job is to notice, point out, and be with clients wherever they are in their process. The coach is there to encourage and support, provide companionship around the rocks, and escort clients through the dark waters as well as to celebrate their skill and success at navigating the difficult passages. Coaching allows clients to live more fully in a deeper relationship with all aspects of their lives.”  


So when you decide to engage Xenia Coaching,  Inc. what will the coaching process look like? It will be an on-going dynamic conversation between you and the coach. This may include exploration of options; skills development; performance enhancement; mastery of concepts, skills, or practices; personal growth; or personal transformation utilizing one or more of these. Coaching is about recognizing the choices you have and consciously using your values in making decisions. Coaching requires a desire to change, a commitment on your part to seriously consider this change, and at the choice point(s) for you to act in order to move toward your desired change. Your willingness to play with new experiences can lead to insights that you might otherwise miss.


Coaching is all about believing that you have the answers you need within you and through co-active coaching we can bring these answers forward and you can choose to act to integrate these answers into your current life. The results are yours.


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