Xenia Coach, Inc.

The Path to Tomorrow


This program offers the opportunity to:

Look at your life today
Dream of what could be
Design what should be
Choose your next steps

Xenia programs are designed to create the opportunity to pause and reassess your personal and professional life.

We will explore concepts that bring about clarity and focus for actions that support the personal and professional life you desire—even amidst the backdrop of the chaos of world events, work, and personal relationships and challenges.

Over the course of the program, you will use tools, learn of teachings that offer insights, and experience opportunities to be heard and to listen to others through interactive dialogue.

Xenia programs are in small groups that encourage you to be open to the excitement that unearths possibilities, the willingness to play with your options in a light-hearted way, and the exuberance of stepping into the new adventures.

This is a two-day program

8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Registration: $375 


Connecting to Yourself
     Connecting to yourself
Our life sometimes looks like the jumbled end of a kaleidoscope. Sometimes we just need someone to help us turn the kaleidoscope around to see the beautiful patterns our talents and experiences can create. Xenia is committed to seeing the wholeness within each of us.  
connecting to nature - Xenia CoachingConnecting to nature
Xenia offers you a simple place in the country to step back from your current activities and reconnect to what is important. It is located at The Millpond nestled on 72 acres in the Adirondack Mountains, an hour from the Albany Airport.  


Experience the power when you step away from the demands of your life, look at options and new ideas, consider your future, play with possible changes—try something different, change your mind, and try another possibility. Xenia is a place set apart that allows your curiosity to come out to explore what could be.

Please call for an appointment if you wish to visit.  


Please bring a “brown bag” lunch and drinks, as it is too far to go to town for lunch.  


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