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Path to Tomorrow
For those who are considering or know they need to make a change in their life.

Xenia Programs

Our personal growth programs offer the opportunity to step back (retreat) from the activities of our lives creating a temporary reprieve that supports our need for space to rest or recover, spark the creative process, or consider possibilities for change. Xenia programs are designed to support your decision to take time for yourself to consider your life and the changes you desire. 

Xenia encourages you to be open to the excitement that unearths possibilities, the willingness to play with your options, and the exuberance of stepping into the new adventures before you. During group retreats, you will be introduced to concepts that support insights, use tools, and experience opportunities to be heard through interactive dialogue.  

The Path to Tomorrow

Xenia RetreatsThis program provides space to look at your life today, dream of what it could be, design what should be, and choose your first steps to make it happen. You will learn concepts and skills that support you in reducing stress and increasing focus and receive tools that will facilitate the changes you desire. This is a weekend program.



Custom Group Retreat: Xenia can create a retreat experience for your group. Call or email to discuss topic and dates. Xenia Custom Group Retreat click for more information 
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