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Most women are never taught about leadership and power.  

If she is fortunate, a woman may connect with a mentor/teacher who shares the unwritten rules and offers opportunities to discover power. If she is even more fortunate, she finds herself working for a leader who displays the character and attributes of not just a good leader but those of a great leader.

Most people when they think of power think of those sitting in powerful positions—this is positional power. But if that is all there is, then when the position goes away, often so does the power—it certainly diminishes over time.

True power, however, is carried within the individual. Positional power can support the personal power but it is not the source of the power. The source of true power is within. Anyone who is willing to take up the task of cultivating power can become powerful.

Proper use of power is critical both in life and in work, no matter the position you find yourself in right now. It is also essential to stepping into your role of leadership in your personal life and professional life.

Xenia is ready to work with you as you discover, use, and enhance your power and leadership.  

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