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The Meaning of the Name


Xenia Coaching, Inc. is committed to wholeness and offers coaching in the four domains mind, body, spirit, and heart. Xenia will hold the space of possibility as you assess where you are now as well as considering and activating change in your life. Tailored coaching for leaders and executives is a core offering. 

Xenia: (definition: botanical term) relates to the hybrid effect of pollination between two species of plants. And so in coming together for coaching that we will touch each other’s lives and as a result both of us will be changed. 

“What I love about coaching is the opportunity to hold your intent within this space of possibility; to offer the coaching dialogue to spark your exploration; to support your move into the creation of change; to witness your excitement of the change unfolding; and to applaud you in the new space you create.”

Mary Ann Morreale 

Xenia: (definition: the ancient Greek concept of hospitality.) Strangers were welcome, as one did not know if it was one of the gods visiting man. The guest was given food and a bed in which to sleep. And so, Xenia extends a invitation to join one of our leadership training sessions or The Path to Tomorrow--a look at today and the possibilities for tomorrow. 

Fifty years ago my parents, Vin and Gerry Morreale, opened the Millpond to families who wanted a place to come and get away, have fun, and build memories. And so I continue the tradition of the Millpond and extend to individuals and small groups an invitation to come, dream of what could be, and design what should be. 


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