Xenia Coaching envisions a world in which women are welcome, willing, and able to step into leadership roles.

In such a world, women have access to resources to develop into their full potential as a leader.

In such a world, women take their rightful place as leaders at work, in their community, and at home.

Woman's desk set up to start planning

Living and Working in Uncertainty


We often find ourselves in situations of uncertainty—facing something new. This is particularly true if you are growing as a leader, facing work you’ve never done before, transitioning from a career to “the next.”

It’s Time to Partner


Going it alone is very difficult because we can get caught in our own knowing (and not knowing) and not see the possible.  Xenia Coaching is here to be your partner as you move into and through uncertainty.

A Place to Find Your Way


We create a safe space of possibility to explore the uncertainty while you find your way to what’s next.